Dangal Movie Review 

Rating: 4/5 ✴✴✴✴

Director: Nitesh Tiwari

Cast: Aamir Khan,Sakshi Tanwar,Fatima Sana Shaikh,

  • What a film. I Ioved it. Happiness around. Smiles on faces.

Here is what the first half of Aamir Khan’s Dangal all about

  • It’s an emotional moment. Dangal wins hearts. Thumbs up to Nitesh Tiwari
  • So, Bollywood cliche once again touches the film but I strictly don’t mind
  • Ok… She wins. What an ecstatic mood in the theater
  • Geeta is going to turn the game. And people around me have already joined their hands to clap. But where is Aamir Khan
  • This climax is reminding of Chak De! India, Sultan and all other sports films combined together. Silence in theater as Geeta struggles to win
  • Forgiving this if this is something to have had really happened in the real story as well. The final game starts
  • The story becomes redundant here, but I guess that’s what the masses like in general. They could have done without this typical twist in the plot.

Highlight: If a woman achieves something, she achieves it for all the women…

  • This is the dialogue I was waiting for: Agar silver jeeti toh aaj nahi toh kal, log tanne bhool javenge.
  • And Geeta WINS the semi-final. What a mood in the audience here.
  • People around are cheering for Geeta and now I don’t mind either. My heartbeat rises as the game moves on to its last round. I so want Geeta to win, I know she will. But the wait is killing me
  • People are hooting and clapping for the on screen Geeta Phogat. Geeta wins the game and Aamir win the hearts here. The game is still on, though

  • The D-day arrives — Commonwealth Games. Feels like we are all watching the match live in the stadium

  • And the rise begins once again…
  • This needs to be heard again: Aparshakti Khurrana is a good actor. Let’s thank Dangal for bringing him out
  • Whatever is happening seems perfect from a Bollywood-style drama. Though, I wonder if this really happened with the real-life Geeta Phogat
  • The background music is what adds the maximum power to the narrative
  • RJ Aparshakti Khurrana is another surprise of the film. He acts pretty good
  • Here comes Bollywood in between. Too much predictability in the narrative currently
  • Silent lessons in the film. You won’t struggle much to learn
  • Emotions hit right here. I can see people shedding tears around
  • Ok, I think there are more than required songs in the film. Not that they aren’t good, but were they really required?
  • Did this really happen? A full emotionally charged up scene just rolled up on screen
  • Yohoo… A father-daughter clash, a complete no miss part from the film
  • Oops, where did the LED TV come from in that year?
  • So far, Aamir was the coach. Now he is the father

  • Ok, so it’s getting difficult for me to review this sequence. I can’t see a father being treated like this
  • And that’s how the time flies. Bad part: to see Aamir Khan aging

  • You say you don’t know about the tactics of wrestling? Aamir has done all your homework. So no worries
  • Dangal is giving some reality check here. Hint: the system and bureaucracy

  • The rise of Geeta Kumari Phogat is here
  • Good part about the story — it’s not predictable

  • Dialogue: Dangal hit ho jayega humara. Well, it’s on the perfect track to do that.

  • This man known as Daler Mehndi to the world, deserves all the praises for this powerful title song
  • Probably the second best scene of the film… But so soon? This one is little preachy, though
  • Oh and did we hear this track — idiot hai mera balma? It’s quite peppy
  • One of the best scenes probably — Aamir is ‘cutting’ the stereotypes around women
  • Talk of women empowerment and feminism, it’s all here in Dangal

  • Is Aamir Khan trying too much to look strict? Let’s see what’s in the package later
  • Apni maati ki humesa ijjat karna, Kyuki jitni ijjat tum maati ki karogi, utni ijjat tumhe milegi

  • Aamir told me in the interview that Dangal is full of surprises. The humour in the film is one of these surprises it seems
  • These two girls ate additional surprises. Good actors.

Pritam is a magician turned musician.

  • ‘Chall… Chhoriyon se pit liya’… And there’s a deep meaning to this
  • Oh! 101 nuskhe of how to have a boy
  • Yo hain Aamir Khan… Ye jab shirt ‘pehente’ hain toh sitiyan bajti hain…
  • Aamir shows his first Dangal move… And ‘claps’
  • The scene says ‘now here’s the moment we were waiting for’. It’s indeed the moment we were waiting for
  • Not just dialogues, but intelligent dialogues
  • First look, first expression and you know Aamir is here to rule

Dangal is here. The very anticipated Aamir Khan film is all set for its big release on 23 December.


Dear Zindagi Movie Review

​Film:Dear Zindagi
Director:Gauri Shinde
Cast:Shah Rukh Khan, Alia Bhatt,Ali Zafar, Angad Bedi, Kunal Kapoor

Rating: 4/5

What it’s aboutThere is a moment inDear Zindagiwhere Alia Bhatt is lying on a couch transfixed in an empty gaze. In another scene, we watch a collage of close up shots expressing the gamut of emotionsshe goes through post a dramatic breakup. There are several such shots and scenes in Gauri Shinde’s over 

indulgentDear Zindagiwhere the protagonist Kaira is floating aimlessly like a plastic bag in air. We wait in anticipation wanting to share her pain and empathise with her situation, but the lack of a cohesive narrative falters in creating a solid connect with the girl who has relationship woes. Dr.Jehangir played by a dapper ShahRukh Khan is the shrink who helps Kaira put together the missing jigsaw pieces on the drawing board of her life. In the process, we meet Kaira’s ex (Angad Bedi), current (Kunal Kapoor) and future (Ali Zafar) boyfriends. The film is a long drawn conversation between Alia and Shah Rukh that has momentsof brilliance thanks to the dialogues. Kaira has a dark back story that is played out through the lengthy second half and Jehangir sort of takes a backseat as the film rushes to its much-delayed climax.What’shotGauri Shinde has a way with her words. We saw that inEnglish Vinglish. WithDearZindagi,she creates an effortless banter between her characters that is appealing. The language of Kaira and her gang of friends is a part of everybody’s life, so are the upsand downs she experiences after the breakups and it’s all relatable.The humour is smart and witty. In one scene an aunt asks Alia if she’s ‘Lebanese’ (meaning lesbian) goes beyond the cliche ofa movie gag. Alia is in superb form as Kaira. She is real and restrained. Her character doesn’t scream, screech, or bawl. And that is much to Gauri’s credit as hers. Her approach towards nursing a broken heart is nonchalance which she relays effectively, and it works. Shah Rukh looks like he’s modelling a linen shirt brand and that isn’t a bad thing. Jehangir is sexy and smart. His banter with Alia in the first half and the introductory scene are major highlights. Dialogues like, “Don’t let your past blackmail your present to ruin your beautiful future” don’t sound corny when you have ShahRukh saying them in his signature charm.What’s notConversations are entertaining and engaging when they end before they become white noise.Dear Zindagisuffers from some really long, drawn out monologuesand verbal exchanges between Kaira and Dr. Jehangir. There is a scene where he compares trying out chairs to moving from one boyfriend to the other, another attempt at humour to talk about taking the easy way out rather than choosing the more obvious difficult path comes across as an exhausting attempt to build up a forced narrative. What felt like easy conversations in the first halfsuddenly become heavy and corny in the second. What is Jehangir’s back story? Why is he averse to the idea of opening himself up to Kaira? These and many more questions remain unanswered. Jehangir loses his sex appeal when he starts getting preachy and his believability suffers from the too-good-to-be-true syndrome.What to doDear Zindagifeels like a long, unending conversation that leavesyou feeling exhausted. We wish Dr. Jehangir’s character had moreappeal than the texture of his facial scruff.